Helping children with social problems

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Talenthome asked us to develop and design a custom made responsive vlog, where people could log in and upload video’s weekly. The main subject of the video’s are then girls who talk about social problems, that are taboo in the social surroundings and evirognment. By talking about it, breaking the silence, they want share this with the youth Making some subjects easier to talk and discuss about.

We build a template, where the contributors could only vlog. The interaction is about simplicity, so we kept the appearance and lay out very minimalistic. After that we build a control management system, so that each vlogger could log in en post her own vlog.


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Sharing is caring

And what beter way then using the internet? There is no commercial, or profit idea behind this platform. Is binding the best functions and abilities to connect, create and share, to reach out to those who need inspiration.



It’s not about a simple vlog website, it’s about you and your relation with it.

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